Colossal Love

I remember a small group prayer meeting when a couple of young men asked for prayer. They felt disheartened and it was easy to see that they were anxious about their financial and automobile needs being met (this was the topic of their prayer request). At that time the Lord said to me: they do not know they are sons. They do not believe there is no separation between them and Me. I am so close to them that they can lean against Me for support. There is

Awakened to Love (2/2)

Russia is awakening. Awakening to God’s love. To the love of the Bridegroom. She will soon erupt with melodic phrases and adoration choruses from deep within her. She has already begun to cry out to Father, that His Son would give her the deepest parts of who He is. Russia is hungry for righteousness. She is longing for merciful justice. He will feed her. Join me in agreement with heaven for Russia. Can you hear her deepest cravings? Oh God, awake

Awakened to Love (1/2)

Russia is awakening. Awakening to God’s love. To the love of the Bridegroom. Jesus’ hand is upon the heart of this nation, awakening her to His Word. God is opening Russia’s heart. He is opening His Word to cause her to feed upon His love; she will know that He is love. His love is for her. Her eyes are fluttering open, to behold the nearness of Him. She is awakening to the delight of His desire for her. Isaiah 52:1 tells us of Russia’s destiny to ga


He Is Always the Good God. Begin your day talking to Him. Pause for a few minutes in the middle of the day and worship who He is. Tell Him how wonderful He is as you prepare for dinner. He is always the ALWAYS God. Speak His name aloud. Agree with who He is. Adore who He is with your own words. Declare the truth of His nature. Believe. Encounter Tools: ALWAYS GOOD >reminders for your pocket. Press and play >for inspiration. © Sharon Go

Tips for Flourishing in His Spontaneous Leadership (2/2)

(continued from Tips...) Has this happened to you? You pass a billboard and suddenly three words become important, in a surprising way. When I experience this, I stop and look at the highlight, and ask more about it. Rather than dismiss it, I ask Him a few questions. For example, “Is this You, Holy Spirit?” If it is, I will feel a little more life on it. Then I ask for understanding. It is important for us to be open to being led as if we’re on a t...

Tips for Flourishing in His Spontaneous Leadership (1/2)

A few weeks ago a friend piqued my interest when she referred to a particular website. I felt a little *lift* by Holy Spirit to take the time to stop and look at the site. As I searched its informative contents, what I read didn’t match the unction I felt from Holy Spirit. I wanted to trust His leadership, so I looked a little further into an article on the website. Hidden in the article was an interesting footnote, referencing a book about hearing God. On

Changing of the Guard

I was inspired by my own post, titled *Move Out of My Way!* Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! The Lord showed me another method of removing obstacles. He can do it as a divine exchange. Let me explain and hopefully you will see yourself in this story. For years my reserved self would cringe as I looked at the appointments on my calendar. For each appointment I would feel anxiety and sometimes dread. But it was only a few weeks ago when I decided to actually talk to Jesus

Move Out of My Way!

Obstacles usually mean something needs to be removed or something needs to break open. If it is true that God makes the way open for us, then it is true that those obstacles must go away. He isn’t the author of the obstacles. Yes, there are divine closed doors, but we don’t want to waste time wrestling there. He leads us into open places, which we must discern. Yes, my beloved God is always with me, for me, and walks ahead of me to create the open path.