life-guard-tower-smallerI was inspired by my own post, titled *Move Out of My Way!* Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! The Lord showed me another method of removing obstacles. He can do it as a divine exchange. Let me explain and hopefully you will see yourself in this story.

For years my reserved self would cringe as I looked at the appointments on my calendar. For each appointment I would feel anxiety and sometimes dread. But it was only a few weeks ago when I decided to actually talk to Jesus about it, knowing that He would be kind and speak to me about the removal of this obstacle in my soul—fear. Fear is the worst liar and thief. It is never from God, yet I admit that I have fallen into its pit too many times.

It was like I had a “watcher” over my future appointments, which would emit fear and intimidation. I would believe the lies which said I won’t be ready, will be unprepared, and other nonsense about pending failure.

Yesterday — upon embracing Jesus’ faithfulness as Way-maker, His Way which is filled with joy, peace, strength — I realized that I could ask Him to dismiss the current watcher and exchange it for a different one. I needed Him to be my Watchmen over every appointment. I wanted to trade my own way of dealing with anxiety for His reassurance and wisdom. I was too weak to handle my future and its outcome. Somewhere in the past, the lie which said I could control my future appointments became a false anchor for me.

It was an easy trade.

I said *no* to my past agreement with control on my own terms and said *yes* to resting in His trusty shepherding.

Then Jesus and I had an enlightening conversation. He let me ask Him questions about who He is for these future appointments. He shared Song of Solomon 7:11-13 as His Way. He said to me (He is speaking to you too):
We partner together in these meetings. Engage with Me as Partner. Each meeting is a field—you walk onto that field with Me. Come My beloved, let us go into the fields. Look, see, and perceive what I am doing. And there give love. Go there in partnership with Me and see what I will do as you engage in conversation with others.

It’s all about the perspective! Life has definitely improved. Friends, don’t take as long as I did to ask for the upgrade.

© Sharon Gonzales. July 6, 2015.
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