few weeks ago a friend piqued my interest when she referred to a particular website. I felt a little *lift* by Holy Spirit to take the time to stop and look at the site. As I searched its informative contents, what I read didn’t match the unction I felt from Holy Spirit. I wanted to trust His leadership, so I looked a little further into an article on the website. Hidden in the article was an interesting footnote, referencing a book about hearing God. Once I saw this, I realized this is what He wanted me to have: the hearing God book.

He is always leading us, as the Perfect Leader.

This is happening far more often — hearing His answers in unsystematic ways, in day-to-day activities and situations. He likes to be spontaneous with us. He’s helping us experience the truth that He is speaking all of the time. We are on a journey of perceiving His spontaneous highlights and maturing in how we respond to the highlights. (to be continued…)

© Sharon Gonzales. July 14, 2015.
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