God wants conversation with you, because He wants to be known.

You, at your workplace, is sacred.

It is your zone, your field of influence, to bring good to those around you.

Sons of God live by their Father’s voice.

We will be successful on the earth by who God is for us.

Living above the negativity of the day is a greater work.

Be Equipped

God Wants to Be Known
God is always speaking to you. There is a glory to hearing God's voice. He wants you to experience Him. Prophetic eq...
Conversations & Agreement with Jesus
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Justice Heroes
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Powerful! God Speaks to You as His Son
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Kingdom Tools

Meet with God
Begin your day talking to Him. Pause for a few minutes in the middle of the day and wors...
Closer to God
Closer Today Than Yesterday. Too often our lives are distracted from what truly matters.  
His Mercy = Justice
Justice Wrapped in Mercy.   This book was birthed with the desire to inspire many to take
Online Inspirations
Prophetic scripture-based teachings and inspirations are available for you, from us. N...