moscowriver2Russia is awakening. Awakening to God’s love. To the love of the Bridegroom. She will soon erupt with melodic phrases and adoration choruses from deep within her. She has already begun to cry out to Father, that His Son would give her the deepest parts of who He is. Russia is hungry for righteousness. She is longing for merciful justice.

He will feed her.

Join me in agreement with heaven for Russia. Can you hear her deepest cravings?
Oh God, awaken me to Your merciful love. Kiss my heart with Yours. Unlock my heart with the kisses of Your Word. Let Your hand touch my heart and expand my capacity to give myself to You.

We know God wants to invade every chamber of her heart. We prophesy to you, God’s beloved Russia, you shall love the Lord God with a whole heart (Matthew 22:37).

© Sharon Gonzales. July 27, 2015.
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