Jack & Sharon GO to the nations, to express Father’s love, Jesus’ intimate nearness, and Holy Spirit’s presence.  We do this by love, in love, for love — proclaiming God’s heart for Russian-speaking nations

In 1999 God downloaded into Sharon– His tender Father’s love for His Russian speaking people. Since then, Jack & Sharon have been active in ministering extensively in Russia and Ukraine. For years God has graced us to work with prayer and equipping ministries in the US and abroad, setting the groundwork for groups to love God and do great exploits.

With the aid of faithful and generous ministry partners, we serve to strengthen the CORE of Russian-speaking believers in three ways:

  • How to be close to God. Как быть ближе к Богу.
  • Get wisdom. Become a prayer expert.  Приобрети мудрость. Стань экспертом в молитве.
  • Succeed in your life calling. Преуспевай в твоем предназначении.

Join us in partnership. Together we can believe for unprecedented justice and kingdom transformation to come to the Russian culture! Invest in global missions & LIFE AS ONE MINISTRIES (501(c)(3) exempt).