Be the One World-changer

Changing the world, one little step at a time, can be accomplished by any Jesus-lover. Jesus was THE radical world-changer of His day. And now this same Man lives in you and me. We are all born with a desire to have an impact, to be important. Our good Father gives us areas of influence – like parcels of “land” – where we can express passion for change that leads to righteous justice, peace, hope. It takes some creativity and boldness to express this pa

Make the Problem Go Away, Please!

Dwelling on the problem draws us deeper into it, distancing us from the solution. As believers, we have a better way to respond. We can turn away from the dread, the fear, the stuck-in-the-mud feeling, and look at the One who is the Way. It takes boldness to do it. Abraham stepped into the boldness. He focused on God. Tapping into grace to look away from the challenge and to refocus upon the Source of life was his solution. Abraham was strengthened in f

Our Office is Glowing

It happened when I was at my job. Last week I experienced a striking transition out of desperation and into hope. Which led to a job well-done and joy! Let me explain: In our family business, I am the one who carries the responsibility of preparing and filing our annual federal tax reports. Not one, but three of them, every year. Honestly, it is a grueling task for me. Two weeks ago it was time to dive into finishing this big job, and I didn’t want to do i

Supernatural Lifestyle at Work. What?! (part 1/2)

Embracing your identity as a son or daughter of God, living in integrity, fueled by His love – in your workplace – is supernatural. Active in the marketplace from a heavenly perspective is supernatural. Adopting this lifestyle in a practical way, without being weird, is also supernatural. smile emoticon Embracing His way, loving how He loves, changing our mind about something to match with His mind about that something – is part of the supernaturally-na

Superior Words of His Heart in Your Heart (part 2/2)

He leads us into opportunities where we can rise above our circumstances and discover Him as real, touchable, tangible. You and I already have the Greater Witness in us, as the One full of hope, joy, peace. Love, Joy and Peace are Jesus Himself, Christ in you, the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27). You and I truly can live in the reality of His kingdom on earth, in righteousness, peace and joy. Even if you might find yourself in prison, as Paul was in pri...

Superior Works of His Heart in Your Heart (part 1/2)

  May I summarize the previous few blog articles about doing greater works and declaring the greater witness of God’s love and goodness in the workplace (;;;; Here it is: the superior works – the greater works Jesus spoke ...