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Has this happened to you? You pass a billboard and suddenly three words become important, in a surprising way. When I experience this, I stop and look at the highlight, and ask more about it. Rather than dismiss it, I ask Him a few questions. For example, “Is this You, Holy Spirit?” If it is, I will feel a little more life on it. Then I ask for understanding.

It is important for us to be open to being led as if we’re on a treasure hunt. As we respond to an unction, we want to see His leadership, not necessarily looking for the fireworks response. If we search for an immediate answer only, we might stop short of what He has for us. Be content to follow His lead *until* you hit the mark. It might require several unassuming steps to get there.

Be patient. If it was Him talking, you will discover more about it. Let the understanding unfold; it might take a few days. Here’s another good question: Ask Him how to respond so that you can receive all which He intends by this highlighted conversation.

We don’t have to understand every step to absorb what He is saying. Simply receiving the highlight itself brings a shift. Because when I receive something as from Him, even though I don’t understand it fully, something changes in me. Something changes because it is God who has spoken, which is always life-giving, beyond our natural comprehension. His life supersedes abilities. Our receiving and trusting Him in the process will unlock the understanding.

I like Holy Spirit’s playfulness. He’s drawing out the hidden creativity locked away inside. For my readers, I say be unlocked, get creative, receive His good words of life. He really is speaking to you all of the time!

© Sharon Gonzales. July 16, 2015.
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