Our Office is Glowing

It happened when I was at my job. Last week I experienced a striking transition out of desperation and into hope. Which led to a job well-done and joy! Let me explain: In our family business, I am the one who carries the responsibility of preparing and filing our annual federal tax reports. Not one, but three of them, every year. Honestly, it is a grueling task for me. Two weeks ago it was time to dive into finishing this big job, and I didn’t want to do i

Supernatural Lifestyle at Work. What?! (part 1/2)

Embracing your identity as a son or daughter of God, living in integrity, fueled by His love – in your workplace – is supernatural. Active in the marketplace from a heavenly perspective is supernatural. Adopting this lifestyle in a practical way, without being weird, is also supernatural. smile emoticon Embracing His way, loving how He loves, changing our mind about something to match with His mind about that something – is part of the supernaturally-na