May I summarize the previous few blog articles about doing greater works and declaring the greater witness of God’s love and goodness in the workplace (http://www.livelikejoseph.com/ponder-this/;http://www.livelikejoseph.com/god-loves-business/;http://www.livelikejoseph.com/our-story/; http://www.livelikejoseph.com/i-have-a-share/; http://www.livelikejoseph.com/we-are-the-evidence/)? Here it is: the superior works – the greater works Jesus spoke about — is discovering and beholding God’s love in your heart and mind and in the situations around you. When you see Him as the Higher-Than God and the Greater-Than God in everyday life, then you have crossed over into the realm of greater works.

His love – God Himself – is the one and only key which unlocks greater works. We must have Him – Love personified — in these latter days, especially in the workplace. Can you think of a more challenging venue for living by His love and power than in the marketplace?

To be caught up into the truth of who God is, and not be mired down in daily hills to climb, requires believing His love for you and SEEING Him loving you. We can discover His love – in practical ways – in remote situations. The possibility is ALWAYS available for you and me. In fact, this is His method of operation. Night and day He is leading us into more experience of His love. Can we perceive Him as He interjects, “Here I am?”

© Sharon Gonzales. 3 June 2015.