supernatural.smallerEmbracing your identity as a son or daughter of God, living in integrity, fueled by His love – in your workplace – is supernatural. Active in the marketplace from a heavenly perspective is supernatural. Adopting this lifestyle in a practical way, without being weird, is also supernatural. smile emoticon

Embracing His way, loving how He loves, changing our mind about something to match with His mind about that something – is part of the supernaturally-natural lifestyle in Jesus. Embracing our Beloved in any way, no matter where we are, is also worship. Loving Him by agreeing with Him, by receiving from Him, by leaning upon Him – this is worship. It can be accomplished in the marketplace.

Worshiping Jesus at your job is supernatural. It is the greater works which I have written about in previous posts. It is also the greater witness of His glorious nature. When we respond to daily job responsibilities from the place of beholding God as Hope, Life, Wisdom, Triumphant, we are tapping into the greater witness of His power and love.

It is how we can worship God in the workplace. By embracing His love and lifestyle — in our thoughts, planning, creating, managing, and selling — we worship Him. Our entire being can partner with God in everyday life by agreeing deep inside with His wonderful nature. When we truly agree with Him, we process things differently and respond with wisdom.

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