lovechurch.thanunkornI went down to the garden of nuts… my soul had made me as the chariots of my noble people. Song of Solomon 6:11,12

My heart begins to sing over the works of my Lord, over His Church. Because He possesses my heart, my heart bears His good fruits. Welling deep within me is a desire to visit the garden of His fruits, to help Him care for the garden of His Church. My love for Him becomes a love for the Bride.

I now know this: to love Him is to love His Bride. Living the Great Commission is the fruit born from this bridal love. Psalm 45:14-15 becomes alive to me: She [the Bride] shall be brought to the King…The virgins [new babes in the Lord], her companions who follow her, shall be brought to You, with gladness and rejoicing they shall be brought…into the King’s palace.

Quickly, the Holy Spirit sweeps me into a new place of responsibility. He calls me to feed the flock beside my Beloved. He tells me that as I give and nurture, I will be satisfied. I am to pour myself out, as a waterfall over the bluff, abandoning all for the refreshment of others. Laughing, we walk together to the hilltop, thrilled with the joy of surrender. I was once lame, but now I leap.

Oh my Lord, what divine pleasure it is to reach the ecstasy of casting aside all fear, relinquishing self, and plunging into Your love, into Your will. To some it is the smell of death, to others the rosy fragrance of life. Aroma of Christ, search out the virgin daughters and bring them into the King’s palace.

© Sharon Gonzales. 4 May 2015.
“Closer Today Than Yesterday: Song of Solomon Devotional” by Sharon Gonzales–…/song-of-solomon-devotional/больше-огня-блог/
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