powerofaffections.Michael ElliottI am my Beloved’s and His desire is toward me. Song of Solomon 7:10

In John 15:9 Jesus tells me that His affections towards me are the same as His affections towards His Father. Yet, it takes the persevering love of the Bridegroom, speaking His truths to me over and over again, before I believe and continually walk in His affections. What creative authority there is in the wondrous workings of the Living Word! Only because He spoke His powerfulwords of truth over me am I able to dance in His desire toward me.

I have received the Spirit of adoption, being perfected in the love of my God. Repeatedly He brings me into His chambers, transforming me into a further oneness with Him. As His implanted love in me matures, I approach my Beloved with greater confidence and boldness, in the security of eternal acceptance. What joy is mine…both the Father and the Son proclaim Their forward affections for me!

As a lover of God, I live for Him alone. No longer do I hear the accusations of Satan against my Beloved or his condemnations towards me. It is the King’s opinions, His sceptor extended toward me, that lead me. I walk cleaving to the One who has chosen me, and we go together to the harvest fields, never separated.

If my God is for me, who, I say, who can rise against me?

Powerful Beloved, You have brought me into true freedom. In losing myself and giving all of me as Your possession, liberty and joy are mine. Give me away as bread to the hungry. Unless others can know You too, I am not satisfied.

© Sharon Gonzales. 6 May 2015.
“Closer Today Than Yesterday: Song of Solomon Devotional” by Sharon Gonzales–http://www.livelikejoseph.com/b…/song-of-solomon-devotional/
Image courtesy of Michael Elliott @ FreeDigitalPhotos.net