Turn your eyes away from me, for they have overcome me. Song of Solomon 6:5  lookingathim. Gualberto107.

When I look into the eyes of my Jesus, it seems as if I could never look away. His beauty captures my heart. As I gaze upon Him, I drink of His Presence. A hungry desire to be closer to Him grows within me. At times, in this earthly vessel, I cannot drink in enough of Him.

“Your heart pleases Me,” He rejoices. “You have allowed Me to possess it as My very own. This gift of your heart overwhelms Me. If I were a mere man, I would be undone. You grab my heart when you obey, when you triumph in times of testing.” Hearing these words from my Beloved draws me closer, causing the eyes of my heart to rest upon Him for longer periods of time. Feasting upon Him, any presence of self weakens and my spirit gains strength.

The vitality of His Bride is found in her heart. The one who draws her life from Him can courageously withstand any storm. This love is strong, invincible. It is love that conquers all.

Dear Beloved, once You challenged me to glance Your way. Because You set Your eyes upon me, I was drawn to You and now see You at every turn. The authority of Your gaze has empowered my heart to believe. Jesus, guard my eyes, these eyes that behold You. They are sacred.

© Sharon Gonzales. 1 May 2015.
“Closer Today Than Yesterday: Song of Solomon Devotional” by Sharon Gonzales–http://www.livelikejoseph.com/b…/song-of-solomon-devotional/
Image courtesy of Gualberto107@ FreeDigitalPhotos.net