rarequalities.Boykung  He is chief among ten thousand… He is altogether lovely… Song of Solomon 5:10,16

For those with discerning eyes and fiery hearts, the Greatest One effortlessly distinguishes Himself in the crowd. When He enters the room it becomes transformed. All are touched, whether they realize it or not. His Presence is far too magnificent to escape.

My stunning, dazzling Bridegroom, my God, never weakens in His dedication toward me. With eyes always upon me, His loyalty strengthens me whenever I feel weak. His affectionate words refresh my inner being. The taste of His words are most sweet; the fragrance of His words are delightful, drawing me further into divine union with Him.

The mighty Son of God has plans for me that cannot be hindered. He executes His purposes for me with strength, with the dignity of a King, with the precision of the wisest military officer. He never buckles under pressure, but is compelled forward when His Bride appears endangered.

Yes, the Lord’s perfect attributes flow together, creating a radiant splendor that no man can see. Yet, this Lovely One chooses to shower His Bride with all of His qualities, sharing them with her, and creating them in her. The sweet mystery of Christ seen in His Bride…

Mystery of Mysteries, my heart longs to reflect Your golden glory. When I ponder Your incredible beauty, my soul trembles at Your awesome power. My Friend, be glorified in me!

© Sharon Gonzales. April 29 2015.
“Closer Today Than Yesterday: Song of Solomon Devotional” by Sharon Gonzales–http://www.livelikejoseph.com/b…/song-of-solomon-devotional/
Image courtesy of Boykung @ FreeDigitalPhotos.net