Awake, north wind, and come, south wind! Blow upon my garden… Song of Solomon 4:16  wind.Sujin Jetkasettakorn

The Gardener of my soul plants His ways and wisdom in the middle of my heart. His ways are both gentle and strong. The trials and tribulations of life are necessary for the fiery passion of God to burn within my heart. When He releases burning judgment against all that hinders love, the chaff is blown away and the alloy is removed.

Without the refreshing breezes of His Presence, of His comfort, I would remain a desert. His Presence is like water to the withered land of my soul. Suddenly, the parched ground becomes a pool and life springs forth. Each season of winter followed by spring yields a greater crop than before. His new growth promises plentiful abundance.

Whenever the north winds blow, I recall yesterday’s promise of fruitfulness. I remember the refreshment of His gentle, south winds when they touched my face. I know that He will complete what He has begun.

Faithful One, blow through my heart and cause the fragrance of Your good works in me to flow out. Send forth the testimony of Your goodness to those around me. By the winds of Your Spirit, fan the flames of my heart so that others will catch a spark of Your love, igniting them.

© Sharon Gonzales. April 27 2015.
“Closer Today Than Yesterday: Song of Solomon Devotional” by Sharon Gonzales–…/song-of-solomon-devotional/
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