“I am dark, but lovely” (Song of Solomon 1:5). The light of His revelation shines on the dark places of your soul. jesadaphornYour weak flesh is exposed as you are drawn closer to Him. The ugliness of your sinful ways, your sinful thoughts, moves to the forefront as you begin this journey toward holy passion. What is this awful place? How dare I ask Him, the Holy One, to draw me away into His chambers? Please, let no one see me in my blackness.

This is when He tells you how lovely you are, in spite of the darkness. He says that you are lovely because you are willing to go with Him, even though your soul is afraid. Jesus loves the intentions for obedience that are found deep within you—He has created them. In the midst of seeing the darkness, the blackness of the flesh, He stirs the waters of holiness and grace in you. He shows you that the bright, white curtains of Solomon’s tent are blowing across your heart, working His power and authority into it to bring purity. You can rest in His desires over you.

Loved one, you are accepted in the Beloved. You were chosen to be a son before the world was formed. His desire toward you is eternal. You are lovely to Him because He created you.

Your awakened heart now feels the pain of darkness. When you were in His chambers, His light shined upon you and called you to rise up. Suddenly, the hard truth of the condition of your weak flesh is exposed. You ask, “How can He really love me and accept me?”

Many want to run away from this fear. Don’t you know that He knew this would happen? Your Beloved One knew that you would want to run. But, the taste of the wine of His love is still with you. Your cry for Him to draw you and your promise that you will run with Him overcomes the fear. His love draws you again. You cannot resist this strong wine. The recent chamber experiences have already won your heart.

© Sharon Gonzales. March 12, 2015.
Closer Today Than Yesterday: Song of Solomon Devotional by Sharon Gonzales