“They made me the keeper of the vineyards, but my own vineyards I have not kept” (Song of Solomon 1:6).  toppriority

As we struggle to believe our new-found loveliness, the workers of religion plague our minds with the “shoulds” and the “musts.”  We are told that we must get to work and show our faith by our works, without obvious regard to the first priority of intimately knowing Him.  What kind of faith do we have if we don’t truly love Him first?

Too often we are distracted from our first love toward Jesus.  We work to please those around us and to satisfy our own desires, instead of loving our Lord first.  We become workers (doers) first instead of worshippers (gazing upon Him).  Our ground becomes hardened without the water of the revelation of Him.

Our spirits are watered when we commune with Him, sitting and gazing upon His beauty and presence.  When the eyes of our heart see Him, our soul becomes as a well-watered garden.  We must drink of Him daily while we live in this dusty, dry world, or else we will die from thirst.

Oh Lord, now I see the treasure of the chamber experiences with You.  Time spent with You impacts my heart in such a way that I am able to sort through the confusion of this world. Remove this darkness in me that tempts me to please others instead of You.  Revive my heart so that I may run with You in the exhilaration of obedience, finding complete satisfaction in doing Your will.  I want to know the joy of running with You.  Deeper still, I want to know the joy of knowing You.

© Sharon Gonzales. March 15, 2015.