photostockDraw me away! We will run after You. The King has brought me into His chambers. Song of Solomon 1:4

When our hearts are free to know Him and His love, then we become hungry for more. We want more of Him. We crave to be in His Presence. The expression, “Draw me away,” is the bridal cry for deeper intimacy with our Beloved. Once we taste of His affection for us, our hearts cry out to love Him with all of our being. It is the word of Matthew 22:37 made alive: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart.”

Jesus answers our desire to be taken away by Him, taken away into the secret place with Him. In the secret place, He creates in us a two-part life vision. Our life becomes focused on loving Him and then on loving others. When we love Him with all of our hearts, then it is easy to run in obedience with Him,“we will run after you.”

Being fueled by the revelation of His Bridegroom love, we can run with Him wherever He goes. We can reach out to others with joy, pouring out this love to them. In the secret chambers of communion with Him, we receive the heart of the Bridegroom for His people. Freely we can run with His heart.

Oh Jesus, take me away into the secret place of knowing You. What is this place that others speak of? I can only go there if you take me. Take me by the hand and lead me, Lord. Draw me… Fill me up… Change me… I want to love you well… teach me how.

© Sharon Gonzales. March 11, 2015.
Closer Today Than Yesterday: Song of Solomon Devotional by Sharon Gonzales
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