Immersed and saturated. It’s needed.  It’s the one thing.  To be fully overtaken and consumed by

I crave this. It is who I am and how I was created to function.

I NEED TRUE LOVE. I was made for it.  I do strange things, thinking that I am “getting” love … to try to satisfy this craving.  My desperate attempts to satisfy heart-hunger tell me how important and deep this hunger is.

For all of us, at the very core of our being, is a hunger which requires satisfaction with a “forever.”  We hunt for something that is so significant, so powerful, never weakening but always gaining, something that will always sustain us.  It must be eternal, like the bottomless sea in its limitlessness.  We crave a rock-solid solution: what is now AND what will always be.  It must be something that won’t ever change.

Do you know the only “forever satisfied” source of gratification is found in knowing God, by intimate relationship with Him. It’s all about relationship, which is marked by love. We will be empty if we try to fulfill our heart cravings without God. We are hard-wired to find complete satisfaction from God, in God.  It’s in our DNA to be fulfilled by God.

The Amazing Living God created me and designed me with cravings to lead me to Him. My cravings prophesy – show the way – to true life.  I want the power of His design to draw me into greater depths of enjoyment of Him.

Jesus, let my heart cravings lead me into a deeper knowledge of You.  I agree with You, that You created me for love, to live in Your love, to live by Your love, for Your love.  You are My Source.

© Sharon Gonzales • Jan. 16, 2015