God created us to get into us.  He arranged all things so that He could pour Himself into man. Brave1.freedigitalphotos.net

His aim wasn’t to simply alter man’s behavior; it was for us to contain Him.  Our life as son or daughter of God is not a matter of being moved in our conscience by teachings, but is completely about having a real Person living in us.  The abundance of the Living God – the Creator of the Universe – lives in you and me.  Jesus, in His complete deity, as Living Word and Son of God, is fully resident in every spirit-filled believer.

Christ is in me, the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27).  He is that close to you and me.  Always. I want to grow in enjoying the glory within me. I need His glory, His Life within me, to saturate and swallow me up.

Unless I live as woman who is filled with Jesus and saturated by Him, my life won’t be much different than following the teachings of the latest philosophical guru.

This “being swallowed up” by the Living God is a process for you and me, a moment-by-moment yielding to Him.  Yet, because Jesus as God-Man lives in you and me, we always have full access to everything about Him. Instantly.

I need a mind shift about this life-altering truth.  I need to be swallowed up by the Man who is Truth.

Today I agree with this Man and take the next faith step.  Let’s call it Brave Step #1:  Live as if He is inside my skin.

© Sharon Gonzales • January 19, 2015