What.freedigitalpohotos.net1Last week, while munching on falafel nuggets at a new favorite café, I spit out some words of encouragement to my girlfriend who sat across from me.  As the sentences came to life, I realized I was also speaking to myself.  Holy Spirit is really good at dual serving—giving life to me as He gives life to another through me, at the same time.  He’s the original multitasker.  And He will display Himself in this way with everyone He loves.

I bet you have experienced this a few times.  It always comes as a surprise—a very pleasant surprise.  You could say it is like having two conversations at the same time.  There’s a conversation you are having through your mouth, and another conversation inside yourself, where God is speaking to you.  It’s a breakthrough moment.

Last week I experienced one of those breakthrough moment.  Ephesians 1:18 burst forth as reality to me — flood the eyes of my heart with light and understanding.  I understood something that I did not before; the understanding (or revelation) almost instantly opened a fresh perspective on a personal challenging situation.

And then I knew what to do regarding this challenge. No longer confused, I knew what my next step was to be.

Don’t you adore how Holy Spirit readily gives all to us?  I had been asking for a breakthrough of understanding.  Because He is who He is – faithful, kind, answer-giver – I fully expected something to happen that would bring clarity.  But I didn’t know how and when it would happen.

If you need a breakthrough of understanding, be assured that God is there ready to give it.  Talk to Him about it.  And watch Him part the confusion, give you a different way of looking at the situation, and show the next step.  Assuredly, that next step will be full of light, hope and love.

Holy Spirit, thank You for teaching me how to lean into You, hear You well, and receive what You have prepared to give. Daily, You readily lead me into great gain, in the Kingdom. I can rest in Your leadership.

© Sharon Gonzales • Jan. 14, 2015