of my BFF’s recently asked a significant question, “What do you consider to be a central prayer focus for this year?” I was at a family party, so I walked away from the conversations and found a quiet spot to sit still and listen. Inwardly my focus turned to Jesus, and I asked Him the same question.

In my inner man I heard: know God, know who you are in Jesus, and then do great exploits. This one-sentence message has been sounding in my heart for a while. It’s a massive message. Actually, it’s a theme, a perspective, a lifestyle. Where do we begin to unfold understanding it, then dare to walk it out step-by-step?

Yep, massive.

But my friend asked for a simple reply, not a chapter in a book. So I asked Jesus another question about how to summarize this lifestyle message and give direction for prayer.

My reply included Ephesians 1:18 as the beginning of the beginning—flood the eyes of my heart with light and understanding. Because I don’t know anything of any substance unless God reveals it to me.

I am not sure how to answer her question. Jesus Himself is my central focus for this year, any year. It is the “know God” piece of the message. The starting line, the ultimate standard, is to engage with Jesus and observe how He lived His life on earth. I want to partake of His life and receive it as my own. In practical ways.

Open my heart to behold You, Jesus. I want the reality of who You were as Son of Man and Son of God on earth. Make Yourself real and tangible to me, to my friends, to my nation. (I think we can start here as our central prayer focus!)
© Sharon Gonzales • Jan. 13, 2015