bible-lightbulb-photoshopIt’s an unusual biblical statement from Songs 1:2, “Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His Word.” The Bride of Christ is asking for the hand of God to touch her heart, to expand her heart so that she can boldly give Him more of herself. It is only the words of His mouth that can unlock her heart into the mystery of the Bridegroom. The kisses of His Word unlock the mystery.

It is written, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word thatproceeds from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). Our hearts need the kiss of revelation about the beauty of the Bridegroom. Our hearts need to be opened to the emotions of the love of Christ—the good news. When our hearts enter into this revelation, we crave the intimacy with Jesus. This craving intensifies and begins to dominate our thoughts and affections. We are awakened from a dull, sleeping heart.

After just a one-time experience of the divine kiss, we are changed. He returns to us over and over again, throughout our lives, and touches our heart with His heart, changing us from glory to glory. The fiery passion of His heart igniting our hearts begins as a small, flickering flame, and grows into a contagious fire for others. This is our bridal journey with Him, an ever deepening experience of more of Him which cannot be contained within us.

This affection, these kisses, cause the things of this world to grow dim. As our affection increases for Jesus, even the best of the earthly blessings from our Father cannot compare with His love—“For Your love is better than wine.” Even the ministry gifts, the flow of the wine, do not compare to the wine of His love. It is the best wine that He serves in the last days. When we drink of His love we can withstand the fire of the end times. When we are in love, we are able to resist all temptations and stand firm.

A kiss imparts a message. Jesus, I want to experience this message. I want to experience what is on Your heart. Kiss my heart and awaken me to You, to the reality of Your personhood. Change me by Your presence. Change me by causing Your Word to be poured into my heart, pouring in fiery passion for You. One endearing kiss can change everything in a relationship. It brings a connection that wasn’t there before. I must have the nearness of You.

© Sharon Gonzales. March 9, 2015.