Oasis.Pixomar.freedigitalphotos.netIt’s a hunch.  It seems like some believers consider their regular in-the-world vocation as less valuable and influential as a full-time minister’s vocation. Maybe it is because a church minister’s role appears more God-connected. It looks more priestly.

You, at your workplace, is sacred.  It is your zone, your field of influence, to bring good to those around you.  Your pastor has his zone and you have yours.  Together it is a beautiful symphony.

Do you like going to work because you expect to see God show up through you and around you?  This is what He is doing in the marketplace now.  He wants to be seen, known, and partnered with you there.  It’s unconventional by many standards.

Let’s consider a customary perspective of where we expect or hope to see God manifested—church services, with our pastor, in the prayer room.  These settings are an oasis in the desert for us.  We long for a touch from God or encouragement.  We seek answers, wait for a breakthrough in a problem, seek fresh direction, long for refreshment.  We want a God encounter that will impact our lives and change us in some way, for the better. We need the kingdom of God to be experienced– for God Himself to move upon us and our circumstances.

Let’s expand our vision of God’s kingdom and step into courageous living as a priestly man or woman in the marketplace.  Hmm, priestly-kings is a better description (He made us kings and priests unto God and His Father, Revelation 1:6.). “Kings” are influencers, dissatisfied with the status quo. You can be an oasis in the desert for your boss and coworkers.  Simply by shining bright with your God-given talents and integrity.  By seeking God for a breakthrough in the design dilemma your team is deliberating, and showing up at the next meeting with the solution’s key.  Praying for coworkers to succeed in their role.  Being a friend to the boss who has no friends.  Dreaming at night about a secret clue that will unlock a seemingly impossible work situation.

God is developing and establishing His marketplace people who are not primarily focused on what is best for them, but who have a vision and heart beyond themselves. He has men and women in the workplace who are motivated to protect their workplace colleagues and more–to protect society itself.

I think you could be one of these men or women.

© Sharon Gonzales. February 18, 2015.

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