Invest yourself in God-focused prayer time.
Live Presence-based.
Engage with Jesus, Your Bridegroom King.

We joy in partnering with God to shift people into inspired, effective prayer. Part of our mission is to assist in establishing foundations for new houses of prayer and birthing new prayer groups.

Sharon’s Song of Solomon devotional, Closer Today Than Yesterday.

Too often our lives are distracted from what truly matters.  Song of Solomon revelation is meant to be the foundation for our lives–in prayer, ministry, spiritual warfare.  From a warm, friendly, close-contact relationship with Jesus flows undying passion for Him, His Church, and the unreached. This bridal message uproots our works mindset, and brings us into a place of leaning upon our God.  It is a journey out of the old, into a progressively new place of partnering for the harvest with our Beloved Warrior Bridegroom.

МОЛИТВА ЛИЦОМ К ЛИЦУ (prayer face to face), ОЛЬГА ФИЛЕНКО.

Составитель, ОЛЬГА ФИЛЕНКО. Данное пособие содержит 240 размещенных в алфавитном, порядке ИМЕН и ХАРАКТЕРИСТИК

Бога, освещающих различные грани Его Личности. В нем приведены места Священного писания, подтверждающие каждую отельную черту Личности Бога. Настоящее пособие не является полным или хрестоматийным. Его цель пробудить «аппетит» к поклонению Господу; помочь сфокусировать сердце в молитве на Нем Самом, через размышление о Его характере и качествах; дать духовную «пищу» для молитвы поклонения и спонтанного пророческого песнопения;  одействовать укреплению веры и способствовать возрастанию близости с Господом.

Song of Solomon Study and Worship Sets, in Russian, IHOP-Moscow.

Discover the secrets of how Jesus lovingly leads you and me — His Bride. Enter into the foundational teachings necessary for every end-time lover of God, worshipper, intercessor, full-time marketplace-as-mission person. *For Song of Solomon study in video format, click here. *For Song of Solomon Worship With the Word sets, click here.

The Beauty Realm of God, in Russian language, IHOP-Moscow

God’s glory revealed in the book of Revelation. Go deeper in your worship and intercession, by gazing upon Jesus, as seen in the book of Revelation. *For the Beauty Realm of God study in video format, click here. *For The Beauty Realm of God Worship with the Word sets, in video format, click here.