Begin your day talking to Him.

Pause for a few minutes in the middle of the day and worship who He is.

Tell Him how wonderful He is as you prepare for dinner.

Speak His name aloud. Agree with who He is.  Adore who He is with your own words. Declare the truth of His nature. Believe. 

Turn and Boom! mini-series

The Turn and Boom! Mini-Series shows you how to be more connected to God. Practicing the principles in this series will activate your prophetic gift to see God wherever you are, at any time of the day or night. By regularly practicing a few simple actions, you can encounter God’s heart. Turn and Boom! will help you renovate your way of thinking about God and yourself.  Russian-language playlistEnglish playlist. 


Sharon’s Song of Solomon devotional, Closer Today Than Yesterday.  

Too often our lives are distracted from what truly matters.  Song of Solomon revelation is meant to be the foundation for our lives–in prayer, ministry, spiritual warfare.  From a warm, friendly, close-contact relationship with Jesus flows undying passion for Him, His Church, and the unreached. This bridal message uproots our works mindset, and brings us into a place of leaning upon our God.  It is a journey out of the old, into a progressively new place of partnering for the harvest with our Beloved Warrior Bridegroom.