Closer Today Than Yesterday.

Too often our lives are distracted from what truly matters.  

It is during the distracting situations that we need His love to bring us back to Him.

Song of Solomon Devotional by Sharon Gonzales.  Freely download eBook for study & prayer.  <English version>  <Russian version>

Song of Solomon revelation is meant to be the foundation for our lives–in prayer, ministry, spiritual warfare.  It is a foundation of personal ministry with Jesus.  From a warm, friendly, close-contact relationship with Jesus flows undying passion for Him, His Church, and the unreached. From this place we truly have something to give.

The working of Song of Solomon in our lives uproots our works mindset, and brings us into a place of leaning upon our God.  It is a journey out of the old, into a progressively new place of partnering for the harvest with our Beloved Warrior Bridegroom.