Leaders, we have prepared a table before you. By the direction of the Lord.

I said to the Lord regarding His leaders in Ukraine, “I don’t see broken people but those needing strength by meat. Like soldiers on the frontline need meat.”

The Lord replied, “I have meat for them.” God feeds His leaders. 1 Kings 19:5-8, “Arise and eat… Arise and eat… Because the journey is too great for you.”

Arise and Eat is for leaders in different areas, different levels — leaders who function inside the church setting, and outside the church setting, in society.

The series is based on a recent prophetic word for Ukraine, Prophetic Word for Ukraine and God’s Josephs.

We invite you to share the series with other leaders you know. (Videos and resources are in Ukrainian language.)

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What is included? Five 20-minute video sessions, which includes impartations, prophecies, and practical revelations. Videos and resources are in Ukrainian language. Topics include:

  • It is a transition season. The transition includes testing, being fed by God, and receiving your next promotion and mission assignment. God is preparing an army of forerunners, an army of pioneers.
  • Ukraine is a forerunner nation. What is Father God giving to you, now, this season, regarding who you are as His forerunner?
  • What strong force formed Joseph’s character and enabled him to be forerunner for an entire nation? How is this strong force interacting with you?
  • Ukraine is a son nation — a Joseph nation — a nation whose big life message is to express living revelation of Father. How have you been a living expression of God as Father?