Emotional First Aid Healing Series – Ukrainian language

The series includes twelve 10-minute videos, designed to help people begin to feel safe and to be relieved of some of their emotional pain. We recommend for use with small groups. Videos and resources in Ukrainian language.

View Introduction to the series. What topics are covered? 

View Video 1, Emotional and Spiritual Recovery: Overcoming War and DisasterView Video 2, Normal Thoughts and Feelings – View Video 3, You Have Choices.View Video 4, Experience Peace From GodView Video 5, Interruptions and Losses. View YouTube playlist.

For complete video series and guides digital download here.

Download guides Session Notes for Leaders  l  Leading Your Small Group

More information  Key Skill: Be a Good Listener l Helping Children and Teenagers l Caregivers and Secondary Trauma l Disaster Recovery Summarized

(*Primary resource: Trauma Healing Institute. Free resources. https://traumahealinginstitute.org/)

"I liked the fact that the material was presented in a simple, consistent, very clear and not in a hurry. Good translation of the material. Thank you so much for your service." ~Worship leader
"For me personally, these video sessions were of great importance during this difficult time. Wounds do not go unnoticed, and like the body, our soul needs healing. This does not mean that I will not feel pain, but I now have the tools at my disposal to overcome the consequences of trauma and help others." ~Christian leader