For months I have been singing “Jesus Christ, the Faithful Witness,” the first phrase of Ryan Kondo’s astounding worship song “Glory and Dominion”. Over and over – when waking up, moving through the house, writing, praying, cooking – “Jesus Christ, Faithful Witness” sounds in my heart and rolls out of my mouth.

Jesus is singing this over us, wanting us to see Him in this way, AND wanting us to be His faithful witness on the earth. He prophesies that we are His greater witness – the ones who are eyewitnesses of His Presence and goodness, those who are the evidence of His love and power by our words and actions. In the same way that Jesus was the evidence of who Father God is, so are we becoming the evidence of who Jesus and Father are. Jesus said, “When you see Me, you see the Father.”

People saw who Father God is through what Jesus did. As Jesus practically did the GREATER WORKS of the kingdom, the tangible proof of Father’s goodness and love was experienced by thousands. Jesus was faithful to be the witness of the wonders and nature of Father God. He did this by being like His Father and doing what was in His Father’s heart. *It didn’t matter where Jesus was or to whom He was speaking.* He consistently joined with His Father’s intentions, agreed with these intentions in His own heart and mind, and then responded outwardly.

He is speaking to us about living today in the greater works. As we do the greater works of believing (see my blog posts *God Loves Business*http://www.livelikejoseph.com/god-loves-business/ ; *Our Story*http://www.livelikejoseph.com/our-story/ ), our words and actions will declare who He is. Our leaning upon Him and trusting Him in all things is part of the greater works. As we do this, we become His greater witness to many.

And, let me say it again, we can be and do greater works anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Simply living above the darkness of the day is far more grand than yielding to compromising fear or negative perspectives of our future. Jesus has many practical ideas for what superior works look like and how we can shine in them.

Faithful Witness… this is who He is. Our Faithful Witness is the One who made us as priests and kings, to exert strong influence on the earth. Today. Now. And tomorrow. We are growing into being the declaration of who God is, on the earth.

~ from *Your Workplace Story: Exceeding the Norm* (part 5)

© Sharon Gonzales. 1  June 2015.