inheritance.digitalartGo forth, O daughters of Zion, and see the King with the crown…on the day of His wedding, the day of the gladness of His heart. Song of Solomon 3:11

I have found the secret that will encourage young believers. It is simple: Gaze on the King. Allow the revelation of His joy over you unlock your heart. Set your heart to see yourself as the inheritance of the Lord. Feast upon the beauty, the awe, of His love for His Bride…His love for you.

The day that the Father created the Bride was the day that the Son, the King, rejoiced. Together, they delighted in creating her beauty. The Father and the Son expressed their love for each other as they planned for the Bride to come forth in all of the splendor and glory of the King. She was designed to display the wonders, the glory, of both the Father and the Son. The Bride…a masterpiece of the Divine Creator.

Patiently, the Sovereign One waits for the princess to become His queen. His heart yearns for the consummate day.

My Father, even now Your hand guides my heart toward the wedding day. Your eternal vision for that day forms my life. Cause me to deeply behold Your Son’s beauty. Mark me with His mark; anoint me with His spices. Prepare me to approach the King with favor.

© Sharon Gonzales. March 24, 2015.больше-огня-блог/

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