Invest yourself in God time.

Abandon boredom.  Live Presence-based.

The Glad YES Club

We joy in partnering with God to shift people into inspired, effective prayer. Part of our mission is to assist in establishing foundations for new houses of prayer and birthing new prayer groups.

Our favorite ways to accomplish this mission is through intercessory prayer, personal prophetic prayer, and imparting life messages about God’s presence and prayer.  Some inspiring topics include:

Cultivating your near, dear relationship with God in practical ways.  Engaging in daily, life-giving conversations with God.

Functioning in your identity as eternal son/daughter.

Living in full access of your spiritual inheritance now.

Praying for cities and nations, especially in partnership with kingdom justice.

Song of Solomon. Too often our lives are distracted from what truly matters.  Song of Solomon revelation is meant to be the foundation for our lives–in prayer, ministry, spiritual warfare.  From a warm, friendly, close-contact relationship with Jesus flows undying passion for Him, His Church, and the unreached. This bridal message uproots our works mindset, and brings us into a place of leaning upon our God.  It is a journey out of the old, into a progressively new place of partnering for the harvest with our Beloved Warrior Bridegroom.

Check out Sharon’s Song of Solomon devotional, Closer Today Than Yesterday.

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