Healing from Trauma and War: First Aid for Your Heart l Healing Video Series


The suffering…

We asked: What can we do to help relieve some of the suffering?

We created simple healing tools for Christian leaders, individuals, and support groups, called Healing From Trauma And War: First Aid for Your Heart.

Our healing tools are designed to give emotional and spiritual first aid to hurting and suffering people.

Our tools are safe to use when the wounds of war and disaster are still fresh.

Later, individuals can seek deeper healing once they are stronger and able to do so.

We created a resource package that is easy for you to use.

This is a digital download product. It includes:

+ The healing video series, twelve 10-minute videos. Designed to help people begin to feel safe and to be relieved of some of their emotional pain. The series can be used with small groups or individually.

+ Leader guides: (1) Session Notes for Leaders  (2) Leading Your Small Group.

+ Key Skill: Be a Good Listener

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