Strength for Leaders. Arise and Eat, 1 Kings 19:5-8


Arise and Eat is for leaders in different areas, different levels — leaders who function inside the church setting, and outside the church setting, in society.

The series is based on a recent prophetic word for Ukraine,

What is included? Five 20-minute video sessions, which includes impartations, prophecies, and practical revelations. Videos and resources are in Ukrainian language. Topics include:

  • It is a transition season. The transition includes testing, being fed by God, and receiving your next promotion and mission assignment. God is preparing an army of forerunners, an army of pioneers.
  • Ukraine is a forerunner nation. What is Father God giving to you, now, this season, regarding who you are as His forerunner?
  • What strong force formed Joseph’s character and enabled him to be forerunner for an entire nation? How is this strong force interacting with you?
  • Ukraine is a son nation — a Joseph nation — a nation whose big life message is to express living revelation of Father. How have you been a living expression of God as Father?