Help for the caregivers, which includes critical factors for stabilizing trauma survivors.

Our good friend Dana Evans lovingly labored over this series of video messages, especially created to help caretakers of people who have been traumatized. We feel the heart of Father God on this project.  Dana presents valuable practical information to help you in this sensitive area, including critical factors for stabilizing trauma survivors. She is an expert in the field of healing from trauma. Since 2000, she has pioneered creating trauma healing resources for parents of adopted children in Russian-speaking nations. All sessions are in Russian language.

Includes three modules (includes 10 videos): (1) Introduction to Trauma and Its Effect on Life, (2) How to Create a Healing Atmosphere for Those Who Have Experienced Trauma, (3) Life After Traumatic Injury

What topics are covered?

View Video 1. Goals for the Minister Competent in Trauma

View Video 2. What Is Trauma and How Does It Affect Us?

View Video 3. Preventing PTSD and How to React to Trauma Behaviors

View Video 4. How Trauma Affects Our Belief Systems

View YouTube playlist.

For complete video series digital download here.

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