PRAYER TO PERSON – Prayer for Worship
To help individual prayer, prayer groups and ministries.

Compiled by OLGA FILENKO

This manual contains 240 alphabetical, order NAMES and CHARACTERISTICS of
God, illuminating the various facets of His Personality. It lists the places of the Holy Scripture,
confirming every hotel feature of the Personality of Godhead.
This manual is not complete or textbook. Its purpose is to awaken the “appetite” of
worshiping the Lord; to help focus the heart in prayer on Himself, through meditation on
His character and qualities; give spiritual “food” for the prayer of worship and spontaneous
prophetic chant; to promote the strengthening of faith and promote an increase in
intimacy with the Lord.
The annex to the manual contains KEY APOSTOLIC PRAYERS and PROPHY
PROMISES. They are a powerful resource for an effective prayer of intercession, prayer at the
will of God, which will certainly be answered.
Also in the appendix you will find the prophetic Word for the Bride of Christ.
We express our gratitude to Bob Hartley, the leader of the Deeper Waters ministry, for his book
“Adoration”, which inspired the writing and served as the basis for this manual.

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