Sons of God are champions.
They create kingdom culture, wherever they are.
Believers have inherent God-DNA which can change the world around them.
How to access and live from our God-DNA is crucial.

We help you love God completely, in your personal life and work-mission, and empower you to be a kingdom influencer. Our discipleship courses unlock the kingdom culture within you and teach you how to produce kingdom culture wherever you are. More about Sons of God Institute.

Track 1. AWAKENING CHAMPIONS: Sons of God Know Father’s Voice

Activating our identity as sons of God and rising up to be so very close to Father God is the focus for this series called Awakening Champions. You will receive revelation about God and yourself. You will apply what you receive. You will understand how to acknowledge being a son of God, grow in intimate relationship with God as Father– like Jesus did– and talk with Father in everyday life. 

The door to personally hearing Father God’s voice and living by His voice will be opened to you.  This is how Jesus lived on earth.  It’s a crucially needed shift of focus and lifestyle for this era.

This video course includes 20 video sessions and accompanying facilitator manual, in Russian. It is designed to be used in either small or large group settings of many types. Some examples are home groups, Christian groups, congregations, missionary schools, rehabilitation centers, and group meetings in the business world.

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“Что такое “Пробуждение Чемпионов”?”, анонс серии посланий “Пробуждение Чемпионов” >>>

“Голос Отца”, анонс сессии 2 серии посланий “Пробуждение Чемпионов” >>>

“Пробуждение Чемпионов” 2 cессия, Шэрон Гонзалес | Awakening Champions by Sharon Gonzales Session 2: