I’m in them and You’re in Me. John 17:21-23

It is our joy to foster friendship with God among the nations by equipping leaders in life purpose, missions, and prayer. Our main prayer focus is toward life issues for global impact and for God’s presence in all spheres of society.

In the mid-90’s Jack and Sharon began facilitating intercessory worship sessions for cities and regions.  Their primary purpose was to facilitate, encourage, and support the houses of prayer and prayer groups.  Their teams of worshippers and intercessors established prayer rooms in central Florida.

Firmly set on the foundation of night and day prayer, their mission expanded into embracing God’s presence in all of society.  They co-founded Marketplace Alive, empowering people to embrace their strategic placement in the workforce and to impact their business, community and culture with passion for God.  They launched small group business prayer in central Florida workplaces.

For several years Jack and Sharon lived in Kansas City, in community with the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC), as part of the night and day prayer movement. Sharon was part of the IHOPKC Russian-speaking International department. She also served as team leader for an international prophetic prayer and coaching ministry for business leaders.

Jack gave pastoral help to businessmen facing workplace challenges, encouraging them to live with integrity and hope in God’s goodness. He operated a part-time consulting firm — Project Management Consultants — and has supervised large, demanding building projects throughout the United States for over 40 years.

Sharon intercedes for, teaches and encourages believers in Russian-speaking regions. Since 1999 she has loved Russian-speaking missions and ministers extensively in Russia and Ukraine.  She works with various ministries, training and mentoring in prophetic ministry, prayer ministry, and personal development for kingdom purpose fulfillment. Together, Jack and Sharon believe for unprecedented justice to come to the Russian culture internationally. They are full-time missionaries to Russia and Ukraine.

Statement of Faith