Brilliant in dark places of earth.

Conversations with God. Anytime. Anywhere.

Supernatural is the new natural.

With God. Anytime. Anywhere. Let’s expand our vision of God’s kingdom and step into courageous living as a priestly man or woman in the marketplace.  (He made us kings and priests unto God and His Father, Revelation 1:6.). “Kings” are influencers, dissatisfied with the status quo. You can be an oasis in the desert for your boss and coworkers.  Simply by shining bright with your God-given talents and integrity.  By seeking God for a breakthrough in the design dilemma your team is deliberating, and showing up at the next meeting with the solution’s key.  Praying for coworkers to succeed in their role.  Being a friend to the boss who has no friends.  Dreaming at night about a secret clue that will unlock a seemingly impossible work situation.

Full-time Worship at Work. For billions across the globe — 9-5 desk jobs, night shifts, virtual offices, constant travel jobs, farmers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and coffee baristas — their income-producing vocations are pregnant with God-worship and God-presence possibilities.  Business places can be a regular place to worship God, if we purpose to thrive there according to our calling.

I don’t need to check my connectedness with God at the door of my business and pick it back up as I leave for home.  I am created to experience God all of the time.  It is my inheritance to live in the reality of having full access to God’s resources – wisdom, understanding, creativity, service heart – in any situation.  Why would I exclude my greatest advantage source from my job, the place where I spend the majority of my time?

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